List of Blockchain Rewards

Here is my list of reward system using blockchain technology

 Loyyal (formerly known as RibbitRewards)

loyyal is the universal loyalty and rewards platform, built with blockchain and smart contract technology. It introduces interoperability to the currently fragmented industry, multi-branded coalitions, superior program liability management and dynamic issuance/redemption options customized for each unique relationship.



Incent is both a cryptographic token and a loyalty eco-system, which allows merchant clients to incentivise custom by rewarding their customers, at the point of transaction, which has the unique property of being convertible on the Waves blockchain.



Plutons are digital tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain and awarded to the user as a rebate for using the Plutus app. Earned Plutons can be converted to spent in any NFC-enabled store in the same way as bitcoins.


Chain of Points


Points Blockchain that transforms any rewards program into an effective Loyalty tool.

Markdown Editor

Been struggling to find a nice mark down editor for windows, found haroopad haroopad screenshot

as the description on their site tells:

Haroopad is a markdown enabled document processor for creating web-friendly documents.

You can author professional-looking documents of various formats: blog posts, slides, presentations, reports, email and more.

Haroopad gives you the same editing experience regardless of the platform you are working on. It runs on all three major operating systems—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Rewards System in the Blockchain

I am working on a new payment system with has the ability to have rewards, reviewed Bob McElrath initial white paper for, I think to have a chain that support’s reward would just be a rebate. When a payer pays for an item there is a certain amount return to the original payer. The trivial would be a wallet / payment gateway which has an API for payments using an account rather than BTC address that would split the payment to the merchant and the rewards acquired.

A wallet which has an information on how much BTC or USD with the corresponding rewards that can be converted to BTC or USD which has an ability to purchase goods and merchandise.

Guide them instead


college student plays around a university’s insecure mail server. sysad replies with a very unprofessional email bluff, sent to all recipients. student wasn’t traced, but submitted himself to the school officials. they suspended the student, even threatening him for expulsion.

seriously? why are you destroying a kid’s future? the only person worthy for suspension or termination is the university’s sysad for being incompetent.

My friend Ridvan posted something that caught my attention, the student should not be reprimanded but should be guided.

First rule of hacking — “Don’t get caught” (includes clean up your tracks)

I am back

I am back blogging, I think my last blog was way back 2008.  I decided to blog again since I needed to jot down notes because am beginning to be forgetful most of the time.